Natural Herbal Compounds

for Cosmetics and

General Health-care


We offer our potential to develop commercially feasible process and products through R&D on following lines:

** From Life sustaining leaves **

Leaves constitute largest supply of food and natural compounds for healthy life.

Our speciality lies in:

1. Vitalizers:

This is a complex mixture of water soluble organic constituents of leaves of plants possessing anti-oxidant and other properties. They also produce tightening effect on skin. This product is of generic value with several potential specific applications.


a) Cosmetic:

b) Therapeutic:

2. Green Cheese:

A specialty product, a nutrient concentrate, for general health-care applications produced from green leaves.

Average contents (per gram of dry matter) of some nutritionally important constituents:

This composition is given on salt free basis. Common salt has been added to the product for preservation. To free the product from salt, if required, suspend it in water and filter through cheese cloth.

Consumption of 100 gram dark green leafy vegetable is recommended per day for optimum intake of natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to combat aging effects, for anti-cardiac problem effect and maintenance of vigor.

It is obvious that this intake is not manageable each day in normal course.

This product is a viable natural supplement to cover the gap

Prserves most of the valuable constituents of greens

in concentrated form

* A general health-care product for executives, professionals, sportsmen etc

Suggested methods of use (about two teaspoonfuls per day): As spread over bread, sandwiches As a part of chutney, vegetable or dal. Or it can also be available as packaged capsules.

3. Natural Blue:

This is a coppered derivative of a mixture of water insoluble organic constituents of leaves.

4.Dietary fiber:

5. Oil Extract:

These are complex sesamum oil extracts of green leaves rich in carotenoids and other fat soluble components useful in:


From other plant sources

Grains of plants such as wheat, Amaranth etc. are also a rich source of nutraceutical products.

6. Wheat Protein Hydrolysate:

Prepared from whole wheat grains.

7. Amaranth Protein Hydrolysate:

Prepared from whole Amaranth grains. It is expected to contain high proportion of sulfur containing amino acids. Very pleasing Odour and flavour.

8. New applications:

We would enjoy taking up assignements for developing other new applications also.

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