Plant Tissue Culture

Unorthrodox model in Commercial Micropropagation

A new, advanced and efficient model


The approach used to prevent culture contamination

makes all the difference between

old conventional model and our new advanced model


Most of the present models rely heavily on:

All this, unquestionably needs huge capital costs. In addition, all these equipment consume high quantum of energy. No wonder, with reference to this widely known and widely used model, commercial micropropagation is quite correctly perceived as a wonderful, exciting but very expensive proposition.


By conservative estimates, the old model costs,

for annual installed capacity of 5 million plants,

capital cost of Rs. 35 million (About 0.8 million US $)

with a conservative estimate of

cost of production of Rs. 5 - 12 (0.11 to 0.27 US $) per plant

depending on plant species.


Experience of most of the established ventures tells that despite so much of expenditure,

trouble free operation is rarely achieved.


Things have changed radically, however,

after our rethinking which started about 12 years ago

Use of Bioprocess Engineering principles is not as simple as just starting incubating cultures in open environment, nor is it an overnight success.

As soon as you expose cultures to the source of natural illumination, several problems are encountered. Major problems being:

Circumventing these problems was not obviously an overnight success, much less a cake walk. Years of R&D has gone into devising methods to circumvent these problems in large scale production and generate an easy to operate know-how. This package of meticulously standardised practices constitutes our

New Model of Commercial Micropropagation



Better efficiency in Hardening of plants

Cick on the pictures for

notes and blow-up

  • Need protection for only a small period

  • Can be subjected to full sun-hardening

Do not saddle yourselves as well as your customers with huge extra cost which is not useful to both of you.

Also, do not waste time and get tempted to reinvent the wheel on your own.

We offer the know-how on a modest consultancy fee which is much less than what you will spend for standardising it independently yourselves, with additional expense of few years and at loss of opportunities that an early bird can muster in global competitiveness and leadership in the business.

Acquire our know-how today, take an unbeatable lead in Global Micropropagation business and maintain it by resorting to continuous improvement through R&D.

Acquire a rare combination of

Process Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness and Quality Attributes


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