General Biotechnology Applications

It is our ability of combining fundamantals of basic science with commercial imperatives and innovative capability which has earned us several original applications in the areas as diverse as Plant Tissue Culture and Natural Product

Hence, our utility is not limited to the fields covered so far only. We keep the abiliy to handle newer areas of your interests too.

It may interest you that we have already handled following additional areas:

  1. Application of plant tissue culture in breeding (recently successfully concluded a programme on a vegetable crop with a leading global seed company).
  2. Immobilized Enzymes
  3. DNA Fingerprinting
  4. Tissue Culture based plant breeding
  5. Calf Milk Replacer from leaf nutrient concentrates

We have a history of truly interdisciplinary work. Reaching upto logical end is our discipline.

We enjoy trading new areas, taking new challenges.


Associate us for your project

and derive all the benefits that go with

interdisciplinary capabilities and excellence.



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